Garry Hornbuckle Unusual Fine Art


I am fascinated by the "reality" made possible by digital image creation and manipulation. In a world of television, film and advertising where nearly anything can be ... and practically everything has been ... digitally  captured, simulated, retouched, graded, or otherwise manipulated, I find it totally amazing that we all still think we have a sense of what is real and what isn't.

I am curious and fascinated by this phenomenon. What is visual credibility? What raises suspicions? How often are we right? This is why my work is primarily focused on capturing, simulating, bending, and occasionally breaking the boundary between real and unreal. This exploration includes presenting real images in unexpected contexts and/or at exaggerated scale. If you experience a sense of "what is this?" when viewing my work, I've achieved my goal.

I will occasionally choose to release a specific work as a signed and numbered limited edition, however the majority of my work is available only as a single original print from the digital data master. All of my work is created with archival pigments and materials, offering decades of permenance similar to other fine art works.