Garry Hornbuckle Unusual Fine Art

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This series contains my most personal work coming directly from my imagination, meditation and personal reflection. Driven by the complexity of emotion behind each image, this is also some of my most technically complex work ... as if no one techique could be sufficiently expressive. Yes, there's an origin story behind each work but, like a Rorschach test, what really matters is what you see.

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This series explores the idea of digital "found art." Each piece is conceptually anchored by a single icon or clip art motif that is presented on a pixelated color field background. Simple lines, bright colors, and familiar subjects make these works fun to do and fun to enjoy.

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Wat-Umong (Temple of the Tunnels) is a buddhist compound dating to the 1200s located in Chiang Mai Thailand. During my time in country, it was only a short walk from my apartment and quickly became my favorite destination for destressing, exploration, and meditation. One of the compound's most remarkable features was a sculpture garden containing hundreds of images of Buddha. Mosquitos be damned, I spent hours photographing these priceless artifacts.

The sculptures have since been reclaimed for museum curation. While undoubtedly best for posterity, there was something magical and special about seeing these image in their jungle setting.

* Yes, I know that Buddha is not considered a god in the Western sense of the word. And, Buddha's teachings are certainly not forgotten. But "Abandonded and Neglected Statuary of an Historical Individual Who Is Credited with the Founding of a Spiritual Tradition" just seemed too wordy. I plead artistic license. 

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Stoners Creek Studios, my home base, was named for Stoners Creek which borders my property. It's a small, usually shallow creek ... but it changes dramatically with the weather and the seaons. I love the play of light and shadow, the complexity of transparency and reflection, and the dynamics of surface texture created by flowing water. In this series, I use fallen leaves as a proxy for all of these visual qualities.

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It is really impossible to imagine the sheer "aliveness" of a tropical jungle environment if you've never experienced it for yourself (and I'm NOT talking about a tourist version of "paradise"). It's the first thing I noticed upon my arrival in Thailand, and it will continue to be my most enduring memory of the country until the day I get to visit again. Light, color, movement and LIFE were everywhere I looked. Hopefully, these images capture some of that experience.

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STARS holds an annual "Chair-ish the Kids" fundraising event in Nashville. Artists are asked  to create works for auction using old chairs that have been donated. It's been a creatively stimulating challenge for me, and it's for a good cause. So, here are some of my "chair"-itable works.

The careful observer will notice that I've again returned to Stoners Creek to provide the context for the work.

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Visual musings from a variety of settings. Some are studies in texture, color, and subject matter based on found imagery. Others are more formal compositions - intentional creations that were conceived and executed.